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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ultimate Money Earning and Saving Guides

Our Ultimate Online Money Saving and Earning Guidelines

This is perhaps the most frequent complaint you can hear about making money online: It is too difficult to earn even a penny on the internet. Yes, this is a very true complaint but we always have shortcuts to make the process a bit easier.

Money Earning Online

Believe it or not, our secret is to rely on passive income. Do not spend too much time for active income such as completing surveys, clicking on ads (Paid-to-Click or PTC), registering for services, downloading softwares to install, or writing articles for freelance etc. Even you are lucky enough to find a legitimate paying site to work with, it is just too time consuming to earn these active income. How many hours per day you can afford to do active income? 8 hours? 10 hours? The fact is: People can get exhausted easily, and even you spend 10 hours per day you will not earn much via the above active income channels. Doing active income is a time killer and, more importantly, it will not help you to build any professional skill that can help you to earn even more.

These are the main reasons why we prefer passive income. You can flexibility determine how many hours you want to spend each day. Once all the infrastructures are built (you need at least a good website), you will earn much more than doing active income. More importantly, during the whole process you will learn useful skills such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing (IM) that will help you to build more successful websites and earn more.

What is more, if you join all the programs listed below, you should be able to earn at least an extra $100 per month! Here is a Top 3 list of our favorite channels to earn good passive income:

(1) Paid-Per-Click (PPC)

Google AdSense is no doubt the best PPC (paid-per-click) player in the industry by far. You will of course need to meet the strict requirements set by Google. You may visit an example of good AdSense site here.

After joining Google AdSense, you are not limited to just writing for your own website(s). You can write for other good third party sites such as Hubpages, InfoBarrel, Squidoo, Best-Reviewer (or Best-Reviewers) etc. Join For Free Now: Hubpages, Squidoo, and Best-Reviewer (or Best-Reviewers).

If for whatever reasons you cannot join Google AdSense on your own, do not give up too soon. Squidoo is a powerful writing site that shares their AdSense revenue with you even you do not have your own Google AdSense account. Join For Free Now: Squidoo.

If you do not like Google AdSense or you want more income, Chitika and Bidvertiser are good AdSense alternatives. Join For Free Now: Chitika and Bidvertiser.

Not too many third party sites use Chitika or Bidvertiser, however, you may still earn from Chitika through InfoBarrel.

(2) Paid-Per-Action (PPA)

There are in fact many PPA (paid-per-action) affiliate players available in the industry. Because PPA can still be a bit time consuming (you still need to write some related promotional content), we are not doing too many PPA affiliations. However, we still want to disclose our favorite PPA affiliate programs here, they are: ChineseAN, PayPal, Payza (was AlertPay) etc because we know they are legitimate. Join For Free Now: ChineseAN, or Payza.

(3) Earn From Downloads

You may wonder if one can really earn from online downloads. Your concern is not without reasons, it is because many download sites in the industry only offer approximately $1-2 per every 1000 downloads. The rate is indeed so low, and you are unlikely to earn much each month.

However, we do have one favorite download site we want to recommend to you. ShareCash is a much higher-paying download site which now offers approximately $1 to $20 for each download (was only $0.2 to $0.6), depending on which country the download is performed. This is equivalent to $1000 to $20000 per every 1000 downloads! This sounds a more attractive rate, right? Join For Free Now: ShareCash.

Well, this is still not the full earning potential you may earn from downloads. You should make use of an URL shortening service such as together with ShareCash to maximize your earnings. Our recommended combination of and ShareCash is a perfect match. As you can easily use to shorten the download link from ShareCash, you can potentially earn from both and ShareCash for each download! also pays for clicks, depending on which country the clicks come from. Unlike Google AdSense, you can join easily without following strict rules. Join For Free Now:

To see the true power of the and ShareCash combination, you may visit an example of good Download page here and try to download some file(s) there to experience how the actual download process looks like.

(4) Self Serve Ad Platform

Qadabra is a fast growing self serve ad platform that can help making money online without much trouble. Qadabra serves IAB-standard banner ads, pop-up ads, pop-under ads for all geographic locations. Qadabra ad platform is easy to use and we find that their customer support response time is fast.

Qadabra calculates your earning based on eCPM (effective cost per 1K impressions) which depends on your website traffic quality as well as quantity. You may also use it as another Google AdSense alternative.

Qadabra Self Serve Ad Platform

Money Saving Online

There are many ways to save money online. For examples, you may save from using coupons, promotional codes, cashback sites etc.

However, there are indeed too many saving tips available on the internet. How can you know which of them are really useful?

We do have one favorite money saving site we want to recommend to you. QMS is a website that introduces a variety of good money saving tips. Come Visiting Now: QMS (Quick Money Saver).

You will find many discounts for buying books, purchasing sport items, or even using translation services etc. Come Visiting Now: Book Discounts (More Discounts), Sport Item Discounts, and Translation Discounts.

Our favorite one is you can find information there on how to promote your website(s) at zero cost! Come Visiting Now: Promote Websites at Zero Cost.

Any question, you may contact our editorial team.

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