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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to Partner With Joint Ventures For Internet Marketing Success

The internet is more than a source of information. It can also be a major source of money-making opportunities for your home-based business. Believe or not, one successful method of making money online is through joint venture partnership.

Online joint ventures are presented in many various internet marketing forms. Some may be as simple as promoting newsletters. Some others may be as complicated as cross-promotion of complimentary products between various partners. There are even some other joint ventures that focus on developing new projects from scratch.

All these marketing varieties make joint venture a great tool for growing your own home-based business in different aspects. As new internet marketers, however, getting into joint venture partnership seems to be a daunting task, especially when it comes to reaching out other business owners or marketers.

In fact, you may look for businesses to joint venture with whether online or even offline. It would be ideal if you can find one that has the same target audience as yours but is not really in direct competition with your own home-based business.

In order to find out a suitable joint venture partnership online, you can participate in forums, social marketing platforms (like Facebook or Twitter), discussion groups, blogs, or any other forms of communication channel that target the market segment you are going into.

You may also use search engines (such as Google or Yahoo) or search in web directories to find out the right internet marketers and online businesses that you can comfortably partner with.

Some internet marketers may sometimes look like they are spamming while in reality, they are just trying to find a suitable joint venture partner. This may be why some internet marketers would rather not trying than being caught as spammers.

In fact, spammers can never become successful internet marketers. There are legal ways you can do while can still make your joint ventures as easy and as safe. 

Here are some key methods that have been proved effective and useful:

(i) Get acquainted with your potential joint venture partner first.

To prevent from being regarded as a spammer, do not try to email everyone on your mailing list. You will not get suitable joint venture partners if doing in this way. Your online reputation can be ruined forever too.

Instead, you should subscribe to ezines of potential partners first. Look carefully into their blogs or websites. This is always best to get to know a little about your potential partners before presenting them with any cooperation proposal.

(ii) Take time in approaching possible joint venture partners.

Be flattering and polite. Making use of flattery can be effective for most of the time. Inform your potential partners how you like their business model and anything that you have seen in their sites which makes them unique from other internet marketers.

Try leaving constructive comments on their blogs or websites. You may be amazed at the responses you will be getting by making use of flattery. This is truly an initial step of developing a good relationship with potential joint venture partners.

(iii) Promise what you can deliver.

Make sure your earning estimation and financial forecast are realistic enough. Be open and honest about the potential earnings to your future joint venture partners. Relate your cooperation proposal truthfully and based only on actual earning situation. Remember also to be sincere.

Make your future partners to trust you enough so they will start to agree on what you are suggesting. Building mutual trust is always the key to online home-based business success.

Beginning a joint venture relationship is not really frightening once you have successfully gotten into business with potential partners of your choice. Just think of all the future benefits you will be getting.

Running joint venture partnership with internet marketers or other business owners can surely enhance your chances of keeping up with or even beating your competitors. This will also help to boost your volume of sales or quickly improve your profits.

More than that, joint venture partners may also:

1. Divide and share your workloads. You can spend valuable time more wisely in this way. In addition, you will get more quality time to do other important things.

2. Lessen your own operating costs once you successfully share them with internet marketers or other business owners.

3. Offer your customers additional choices of products or services, on top of the one coming only from yourself.

4. Bring-in more referrals or leads for business opportunities directly relating to your own home-based business.

5. Receive vital market information or even free advice from internet marketers or other business owners.

6. Introduce more business associates that will be important to your home-based business.

Always work in a legit way so you can get rid of any negative feelings about internet marketing in your mind. Just think positively about what joint venture partners can do for your home-based business. We are sure that they will surpass all possible negative things.

Bear also in mind that successful joint ventures are not about solo performance. You are into a business with other internet marketers and online partners that should always consider their best interests. Think carefully about these things first before you go into a partnership that requires sharing and dedication.


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