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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cheap Online Advertising by Bitcoin

Online advertising is always a big business. While most people still use fiat currencies to get their products or services advertised, there is one more option for them to use online now – Bitcoin (BTC).

Bitcoin (BTC) is a well-established peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and is becoming increasingly popular recently over the internet. It can be used particularly for small online payments transacted by small-scale businesses.

If you are still new to Bitcoin (BTC), you must get your own Bitcoin wallet and some Bitcoins first before you can process any payment. You may obtain a free Bitcoin wallet and buy your first Bitcoins there to start with.

After that, you should need some trustable advertising platforms for your business promotion campaign. Here we, Money Share Team, would like to share our best review on some good ads platforms that should at least generate some revenues for you, as follows:

(1) DailyBitcoins

DailyBitcoins is one of the top hourly-paid Bitcoin faucets. You can also buy advertising vouchers there at a cheap price to promote your own products or services. More than that, DailyBitcoins has its own affiliate program for its advertising platform. If you can attract other advertisers to join, you can also earn an extra 25% of advertising revenue from ad purchases to your own account.

(2) CoinURL

CoinURL is another popular Bitcoin advertising platform you can consider using it. CoinURL provides flexible ads options such as CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions) through URL shortening or CPC (Cost Per Click) through banner advertising. CoinURL also has its own referral program. If you can attract other advertisers to join, you can earn an extra 5% of advertising revenue from ad purchases to credit your own account.

(3) Anonymous Ads

Anonymous Ads is a unique advertising platform that people can run promotion campaigns quite anonymously. Anonymous Ads makes full use of Bitcoin features, for example, it only allows users to login by signing a signature with their own Bitcoin addresses. Anonymous Ads, however, utilizes a special CPIP (Cost Per IP) revenue model. It is neither CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions) nor CPC (Cost Per Click). In fact, advertisers only need to pay for globally-unique IP address within a 24-hour period.

This makes Anonymous Ads favor most advertisers over publishers, because advertisers can basically gain free ads if publishers provides traffic sources from IP addresses that already used in the last 24 hours.

Anonymous Ads server keeps track of unique IP address per visit globally to determine if it pays a publisher. That means an IP address that is unique by individual publisher does not mean that it is unique for Anonymous Ads server. For example, a publisher will not get paid if his visitor visits his website 23.99 hours after visiting another website carrying Anonymous Ads. As a result, whether a publisher can get paid or not may be a bit a pure luck. If a publisher is lucky enough and his revenue balance can hit withdrawal threshold (minimum 0.0001 BTC), withdrawals will happen automatically and there will be no withdrawal fees.

Additional Note About DailyBitcoins: We, Money Share Team, also ran a short test on DailyBitcoins faucet feature for about one month. We found that higher prizes over 0.00001 BTC were rare and we could ever claim 3 times only (one for 0.00005 BTC and other two for 0.00003 BTC) during our test period. What should be improved is that server was very busy when prizes are attractively higher, and sometimes might even give us an error message '502 bad gateway'. Please be also reminded that if you use the same IP address to browse this site, the CAPTCHA challenge will become difficult if you load too frequently.

DailyBitcoins faucet uses delay payment (thus you shall request payouts manually), which is a good idea to avoid dust transactions over Bitcoin network. DailyBitcoins faucet also occasionally gives out its own advertising vouchers or Peerbet vouchers worth 0.00001 BTC each. DailyBitcoins advertising vouchers can be useful if you want to promote your own website or any other affiliate program etc.

Again, if you find this review blog post helpful, please do not hesitate to donate Bitcoin to us.

Our Bitcoin address: 1Dbgv4sNmUkGpQKL2rUt2ZXNDmK2c2VUJD.

We, Money Share Team, thanks again for your great support!

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