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Monday, December 10, 2012

Effective Transmission Methods For Viral Marketing

This week we want to continue our previous topic about viral marketing for home-based business. This time we want to share with you the most effective and popular transmission methods for spreading your marketing messages, as follow:

Common Transmission Methods of Viral Marketing

(i) Word-of-mouth.

Word-of-mouth is a traditional way for spreading viral marketing messages from one to another person, especially for your home-based business. In fact, statistic data from most advertising companies or agents indicates that it remains the most reliable advertising method ever available.

(ii) Email.

Email is perhaps the most common method of viral marketing for your home-based business. It is particularly useful as people enjoy forwarding email messages e.g.: inspirational messages, pictures, funny clips, jokes etc to their friends so that advertisers can easily promote their products or services inside those email advertising messages.

(iii) Websites.

Nowadays, most articles that published online in any website now include a link like 'Send it to your Friend?'. It is just another good way to spread your viral marketing messages inside the articles to friends of one reader to the others in a speedy way for your home-based business.

(iv) Instant Messaging.

Normally, people who receive web links from their friends via instant messaging applications, such as Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, MSN, Whatsapp, LINE etc are more probably to check them out for the notion of urgency from senders so that, again can help advertisers to promote their advertising messages inside those web links.

Although there are many good ways on how to run the above advertising methods successfully for your home-based business, you shall also well-understand all possible advertising difficulties behind them. One major barrier, which was mentioned already in our previous post, is about the risk of your viral marketing messages being identified as spam. In particular, as many companies now are utilizing emails to promote their services or products, major email providers must proactively establish some sorts of email filters in their network systems for filtering out potential spam messages from normal ones (or they called them trusted email messages).

Another key advertising barrier is the format and size of viral marketing message for your home-based business. For example, if your advertising content is just a video format clip and you send it over email network, its reach can be limited by file size limitations for most email service providers. Multi-media format of your viral marketing message also has a potential problem that some email recipients may not have the suitable application or software to open your multimedia file.

However, even with all above constraints, many businesses including home-based business now must get into viral marketing. It is because these techniques have lots of advertising potentials and do help boosting revenues dramatically by reaching many targeted customers but not necessary to spend too much money for your home-based business advertisements. Because of its low advertising cost and huge exposure, viral marketing definitely will grow very rapidly, especially in the WWW (World Wide Web) world.


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