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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Practical Precautionary Measures For Generating More Business Sales

Last time we briefly introduce how to generate sales with viral ebooks for your home-based business, now this time we think we need to address a few practical precautionary measures that must be taken when you start writing your own viral e-book for marketing purpose. With these precautionary measures properly implemented, you can then generate even more sales and thus earn more money for your home-based business.

Below are the 3 common marketing mistakes to avoid, or practical precautionary measures, that are useful for generating more business sales and earning more money:

3 Common Marketing Mistakes to Avoid For Generating More Business Sales

(i) First of all practical precautionary measures is about creating proper affiliate promotion links. Because one will allow customization or re-branding his affiliate links included somewhere in his viral e-book, one must ensure that those modified affiliate links are all still functional, fully valid and are all directing to the desired business website(s). There are many ebook software or compilers that can assist you doing this easily for your maximum business protection. Therefore it is better to look for these computer software and then use them for creating your own viral e-book.

(ii) Second practical precautionary measure is about introducing suitable sale promotion offers. When one is promoting his own products or services on his viral e-book, do avoid including any time-specific freebies or discounts. Remember, no one can actually have control over when or to whom his viral e-book will eventually be passed on. In many cases, it can spend perhaps upto a year to reach a potential customer after promotional freebies or discount offers have already passed. This will then make that real customer disappointed and may even not coming back anymore. Finally, it will just cause a sale loss for your home-based business.

(iii) Third practical precautionary measure, and also our last one here, is about generating new computer browser window. When one is creating viral e-book with his affiliate links included there, do ensure that his affiliate links will open in a new window. Otherwise, affiliate links will open in the same window and visitors will not be able to go on reading his viral e-book. Instead, if it opens in a new window, one can expect that the readers can still continue reading his viral e-book and, at the same time, these readers can also browse the existing website in separate window where the affiliate links have been pointed to.

The above are just the 3 most common marketing mistakes to avoid, or you may call them as practical precautionary measures, that are particularly useful for generating more business sales and thus earning more money. These are also a few suggestions or recommendations on how to ensure your viral ebooks really do their jobs for your home-based business. Of course there are many other practical methods that you may also try. So just always be creative for promoting your business, and great success will then follow eventually!


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