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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Top Free Bitcoin Earning Websites List (Keeps Updating)

Below is a list of generous websites or faucets that give out free Bitcoins (BTC) per each visit. Some of them require visitors to solve CAPTCHA challenge before processing payment. These sites are good and easy for newbies to earn at least some micro Bitcoins. We, Money Share, have done an independent testing on these websites for about one month and found most of them paying. And we will keep updating this list for adding more good Bitcoin earning websites if necessary.

If you are totally new to Bitcoin (BTC), you must create a Bitcoin wallet before you can receive any payment. Anyone can easily create a free Bitcoin wallet there.

List of Top Free Bitcoin Earning Sites (Keeps Updating):

(1) is one of the highest hourly-pay Bitcoin faucets. Visitors can do free roll once (possible range: 0 -1000) every hour to claim their Bitcoin prize, and it pays at least 225 satoshi per hour if they roll 0 – 9885. We tested this faucet and could get 3 times higher than 9885 (they were 9983. 9976 and 9933 respectively) during our test period of around 1 month, and each time we earned a higher prize of 2250 satoshi. This site owner is smart to automatically adjust payout depending on real time Bitcoin exchange rate. That means if Bitcoin is less expensive, users will earn more satoshi per hour. Other than the free roll, users may also gamble to multiply their Bitcoin by bet HI and bet LOW there. does pay every Sunday with minimum payout threshold of 5460 satoshis (0.00005460 BTC). Users will see pending payout shown on each Sunday and then payment will reach their wallet within 24 hours. If you can refer new users to join this faucet, you will earn an impressive 50% commission on all free roll earnings for each referral.


The same faucet owner has recently created a similar one for Dogecoin, which is one of the most popular altcoins. now pays more than 12 DOGE each hour and has become the highest hourly-pay Dogecoin faucet. Earning Dogecoin could have never been so easy. Highly recommended for all Shibes!

After earning your Dogecoin there, you may also exchange them back to Bitcoin at top crypto exchanges such as Cryptsy any time you prefer.

(2) CoinAd

CoinAd is probably the best PTC (Paid-To-Click) site that pays Bitcoins every 24 hours. CoinAd lists price for each advertisement users can click on, so that users can select any advertisement easily. Minimum payout threshold there is now 0.15mBTC. If you can refer new users to join CoinAd, you will earn 10% to 20% commission on all clicks for each referral.

[UPDATE: link deleted, because this site has changed a new owner and keeps sending spam emails to users. No longer recommended here.]

(3) Bitvisitor

Bitvisitor is another daily-pay PTC site that has a long history. Minimum payment threshold is now 100 uBTC. If you can refer new users to join Bitvisitor, you will earn 50% commission on all profits everytime your referral comes back to visit advertiser's sites using the same Bitcoin address.

Remark: There is a well-known bug for Bitvisitor that sometimes earnings do not add up. There is a trick that can overcome this bug: Do not close the previous browser tab first. If anyone finds that earning does not add up to his balance, just close the current browser tab and then click on the previous tab to open a new tab again.

Based on our testing, it seems that Bitvisitor does not accept PTC visits via proxy. If that happens, it will display an error message: 'Invalid visit, Please try again in 24 hours'.

(4) BTC Clicks

BTC Clicks is a fast growing PTC site that visitors can earn Bitcoins by visiting it every 24 hours. CAPTCHA challenge there is probably the most easy one, because it involves only simple mathematical challenges. If you can refer new users to join this PTC website, you will earn a massive 80% reward for each referral click. Minimum payout threshold is now 0.1 mBTC, but this PTC website will charge a withdrawal fee of 1.5% if the requested payout amount is less than 10 mBTC. For our first test withdrawal, our earned balance was 0.10379 mBTC but received only 0.10223 mBTC.

If normal members feel that they are not quite satisfied with the pay rates of standard membership, they can double their earnings by upgrading to premium membership. Purchase a 90-day premium membership now costs 11.07 mBTC.

(5) CoinBase

CoinBase is basically an online Bitcoin (BTC) wallet and is easy to use. In addition, if users want to buy some Bitcoins they can easily buy there. If you can refer new users to buy Bitcoins through CoinBase, both you and your referral will earn USD$5 worth of BTC once you have each finished a Bitcoin purchase (or sell) that worth at least USD$100 of BTC.

(6) Bitcoinget

Bitcoinget is an earning website that pays Bitcoins (BTC) per different tasks. Bitcoinget now offers tasks from Cloudfare, so makes it easier to get suitable tasks for earning BTC. In addition, users can also earn by simply viewing videos or by completing surveys. If you can refer new users to join Bitcoinget, you will earn different bonus rates based on different referral activities, i.e.: 10% bonus for videos, and 5% bonus for tasks or others.

(7) CoinURL

CoinURL is a BTC-based ad platform that offers CPC (Cost Per Click) for banner advertising and CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions) for URL shortening. Minimum withdraw threshold is 0.01 BTC. Their paid URL shortening service is particularly designed for everyone who enjoys sharing links everywhere across the internet. In addition, if you can refer new users to join CoinURL, you will earn 1% referral commission for link publisher or webmaster earnings.

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