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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Best Four Niches For Success Network Marketing and Direct Sales Business

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Partnership For Network Marketing Business

By Reno Taylor

Network Marketing is a lucrative multi-billion dollar industry that has become the saving grace for many of the worlds 'income seekers' during these uncertain economic times. If you are pondering partnering up with a company, you will definitely find that there are numerous niches that exist within the Network Marketing Industry that come under four primary categories.

Below is a review of the four major industries and what they provide to partnering representatives:

1. Health and Wellness

The most popular niche that exists in the Direct Sales/Network Marketing Industry currently is the health and wellness niche. This industry is thought to be the most popular since increasingly more folks are starting to become health conscious, along with the influence of the aging Baby Boomer population.

These products are highly consumable and have a tremendous appeal to the masses. They are usually referred to as 'alternative medicines' because of their ingredients made up of natural herbs.

The Health & Wellness products commonly promote bettering afflictions, enhancing the energy and body's immune system, and some even promote rapid weight loss without adversely harming the body.

This market is big on autoship, direct sales and consumable products. Working within this niche enables you to grow a massive residual income if you have a whole lot of sales reps concentrating on shoppers who consume the products and commit to autoship.

2. Cosmetics and Personal Care

Following the wave of health and wellness is cosmetics and personal care. This area of interest focuses mostly on direct selling and consumer products as well, but instead of dealing with products to benefit your health, they work directly with the appearance industry.

Make up and personal care product companies are designed to just help you appear your best. While health and wellness may help you feel your best, personal care companies assist you look your best.

Personal care product companies supply full marketing tools and training for distinct product lines that are launched to the market. The product line is promoted by having house parties, demos, and business opportunity meetings. While health and wellness focuses more in sponsoring, the pay out in cosmetics and personal care comes from the total number of products sold within a certain time period.

3. Internet Marketing Companies

Since the coming of the World Wide Web, more people are becoming Internet knowledgeable and are searching for approaches to monetarily benefit from it. With this Internet Marketing Wave, network marketers are starting to switch to online marketing to promote their products and services.

As the world becomes even more comfortable with making purchases online, a new niche of Network Marketing industries has come about, and we will look at two of these primary Internet Marketing companies below:

A. E-commerce Companies

These are Network Marketing companies that sell various products and services over the Internet. They include clothing lines to books to various informational applications amongst other services.

Probably the most profitable Internet businesses deemed by these companies is e-book selling. The cost to create an e-book is little to none, keeping overhead very low.

Another significant advantage to Web products is there are no shipping charges, as a result of digital downloads. Once purchased, the product is often immediately downloaded directly to the customer's computer, making the customer extremely happy and the company excited with terrific profits.

Other sorts of downloadable information products include CDs and DVDs.

B. Internet Service Firms

There are also companies that specialize in offering internet services. Their business services concentrate completely on servicing marketing with the help of Internet tools like web hosting, web design software, auto responders, and e-mail marketing systems.

The market for this kind of network marketing company is practically unlimited considering that millions of traditional businesses are now acknowledging the internet as their most potent marketing and promotional tool.

4. Home Party

Another popular sort of niche within the network marketing industry is the home party niche. It is for the most part chosen by stay at home parents searching for part time income.

A home party business only requires minimum investment to obtain your product demos, websites, and other marketing tools. Regarded as the most family-friendly of all network marketing companies, this business is a rewarding way to generate profits. By joining a home party company, representatives get to enjoy flexible schedules and take pleasure from networking with various types of people.

There are some other niches within the network marketing industry that we did not go into here like the traveling niche, investments niche, energy companies and motivational and educational niches. However, as you continue on your search to find the perfect fit for you, you'll definitely want to partner with one that you believe in and will enjoy!

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